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Looking for an extra spark to add to your new collection?

You already know that not all that glitters is necessarily gold, but what is it then? Glitter? Pearl? Shimmer?

What’s a special effect you need to create a sunshine, moonlight or stardust line?

Choose from JOVI special effect s display:

No effect colours

The most classic of the effects, it never goes old-fashioned. Intense and covering colours, without shine. Perfect for a wide range of aplications: eyes, lips, brows and concealers.

In Jovi Cosmetics we use different nature pigments to get the perfect hue. We work with the best manufacturing technology to get a great performance of the colours and achieve perfectly homogeneous mixtures without lumps.


It works great to add a touch of light, especially on the eyes. The result is perfect not only as an eyeliner, whether just a thin line is wanted to define the eye, but also as an eyeshadow, if you want to create an eyeshadow on the entire eyelid.

A combination of saturated pigments and white pearl which gives a touch of pearlescent effect. It is possible to play with the concentration of both types of pigments making the colour more or less pearly.


If you are looking for some shades with a metallic effect, intense and vibrant colours, this is definitely the right category. It is helpful to create makeups with a lot of personality, both on eyes and lips.

In this group, we work with coloured pearls, reflection pigments and pigments of metallic origin.


If you are looking for an intense colour, but with an special touch, here is the solution. With this effect, we can create an eyeshadow with high intensity which also has subtle multicoloured sparkles and a touch of luminosity due to the reflection pigments of large particle size.


Our more shiny range, soft and subtle colours, with multicoloured flashes which reflect the light to give an enormous brightning and lightning effect. Perfect for lip gloss formulations, to achieve a volume effecte with an special touch.We work with colours with a high concentration of large particle size reflection pigments and a small amount of saturated pigments.


The “rainbow” effect. With this pigments we get a single-colour background and at the same time, a shiny surface of a different tone. This is why it seems to change its colour depending on how the light hits. Because of this technology, we can create a super special highlighter. In this group we work with latest technology pigments that reflect light in more than one direction, getting a rainbow-coloured.


Very lightening, with a lot of shine and a subtle colour, the perfect combination to create a highlighter. By this, we bring a lot of light to the face, achieving a radiant skin effect. We accomplish it using a mixture of coloured pearls of different particle sizes, white pearl and reflection particles.


The most enjoyable effect, a combination of colour and glitter which allows us to create products with that special touch. Silver sparkles for an intense and bright makeup.

We only work with high quality bio-glitter, highly reflective particles made from biodrgradable film.

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