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Natural, soft and made with wood. The new eyeliner is from now on our soft spot, the apple of our eye.

We want you to find among our products the pencil of your next make-up line, so we have added to our selection of natural and vegan pencils the perfect eyeliner to be smudged for its soft and silky texture. We have developed the Natural Soft Wooden Eyeliner so you can find at JOVI any pencil you are looking for whether it’s intense, precise or soft.

Without a doubt, what makes this product special is its sensorial characteristics. It is extremely soft and silky, highly pigmented, it glides easily and it can be nicely blended. All these features turn this pencil not only into the best eyeliner to be smudged but also the perfect product for the water line. Extra and pro tip, it is an ideal texture to use as a base for more intense smokey shades.

Like any secret formula, its combination of ingredients is the key to success. Vegetable oils such as macadamia oil and natural origin waxes like the Japanese wax are part of the INCI behind this perfume-free eyeliner.

We are aware of how important are the benefits and technical claims for cosmetics brands and companies. In addition to the usual dermatological and ophthalmological tests, we are proud to say that the 100% vegan formulation of the Natural Soft Wooden Eyeliner can be Mass Balance certified and ask for the PEFC certification as our pencils are made with cedar Wood from certified sustainable origin.

Now it is your turn to go for the most creative and fun part. Colour this launch and design the line that everyone will love with the selection of on-trend tones that best match the Natural Soft Wooden Eyeliner. Find a wide colour range from the most basic and essential one like the infallible black and brown to some vibrant turquoise or orange that will surely bring an attractive, fashion and youthful touch. It is hard to choose, isn’t it?