Cosmetic Pencil Manufacturer For Private Labels

The new product development process is key to the success of cosmetic brands: finding the perfect product, developing it on time, and without investing a lot of money or effort. But how difficult is it to find a supplier that makes it easy for you.

At Jovi Cosmetics we help cosmetic brands to make an easy, fast and effective development of a new makeup line, to make them stronger in the competitive beauty market.

Whether you are a consolidated brand or a start-up, with Jovi Cosmetics you can create your line in a very short time, easily and effectively, thanks to the great support that our team will give you throughout the development process: you and your brand will be our greatest priority at all times.

Jovi Cosmetics created its first cosmetic pencil (an eyebrow pencil) in 1945, and since then we have kept growing, manufacturing new products and helping companies all over the world. Today, our clients are spread over more than 30 countries of the 5 continents.

Welcome to the world of Jovi Cosmetics.

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