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We love that our pencils are made from Californian cedar wood. It's a high-quality natural material with a gentle forest scent, a beautiful colour, subtle grains...

But even more important is that the wood we use has a sustainable origin, and we can ensure this thanks to PEFC.

PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is a non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management worldwide. It is the widest certification system around the planet.

How do they do it? Through the certification of sustainable forest management and by transmitting this value through the labelling of products with the PEFC seal.

Their goal is to ensure that forests are managed responsibly and protect their functions for present and future generations.

As you can imagine, at Jovi Cosmetics, we don't manage any forests; our thing is cosmetics. But since the main material of our pencils is wood, sourced from Californian cedar trees, we must contribute our bit to the sustainable management of forests.

PEFC also certifies the entire wood supply chain, meaning all companies involved in the production of wood or wood-derived products. This is what's called the chain of custody.

 The PEFC ST 2002:2020 standard provides and establishes the fundamental requirements of the chain of custody for forest and tree products. It defines standards for proper forest management, controls the input and output of material, and establishes a system to prevent material from coming from conflictive sources.

 By manufacturing our pencils with PEFC-certified wood, we support the sustainable management of the world's forests.

And it's not just the forests that benefit from this certification ???? People working in companies involved at any point in the supply chain also benefit. PEFC certified companies also need to comply with certain social and safety requirements.

Do you want to add the PEFC seal to your pencils?

If you want to contribute your share to care for our forests, you can request the PEFC certificate (PEFC/14-35-00628) for your wooden pencils.

What does it involve?

  1. You have to sign a commercial agreement that we will send you regarding the use of the PEFC mark.
  2. You will receive a PEFC statement with each shipment of certified products.
  3. You can use the PEFC logo (upon approval) and authorized claims about your product, its packaging, or your usual promotional channels (website, social media, catalogs...).

What benefits do you get with our certification?

The greatest benefit is undoubtedly contributing to the responsible management of our planet's forests. This would be reason enough to request certification for your products.

But also, it's highly likely that people working in your company will be happy to belong to an entity with these values. It may seem like a less important reason, but at Jovi Cosmetics, we firmly believe that if people in the company are happy with their work, the company also benefits ????

And, finally, your brand's image will also be associated with the protection of our planet, which is sure to reflect in better brand value and increased sales.

So, if you're interested in certifying your products, just let us know, and we'll explain how to proceed.