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Let's start by clarifying some terms: 

  • Long lasting / long wear. This term indicates that the product is designed to have a long duration, but does not define how much. On many occasions it is accompanied by a number of specific hours.
  • Waterproof / water resistant: This is makeup that resists water, waterproof makeup is designed to hold intact under water, either at sea or in the pool. It should be removed with special products for this type of makeup. Water resistant, on the other hand, is somewhat less effective and focuses on holding in good conditions against light contact with water. It is easier to remove.
  • Smudge proof, is one of the most recent concepts and is designed for products resistant to tears and sweat. They have been developed to resist and not to be altered with the oiliness that the body generates when it transpires.
  • Transfer proof / Kiss proof. And finally, these terms apply to products that do not transfer, and are totally adhered to the skin and do not stain when touched. They are the most difficult to remove and therefore special care must be taken when applying them in delicate and sensitive areas.

There are different technologies and types of formulations that allow the desired effect to be achieved in terms of the duration of a product. 

At JOVI COSMETICS we are moving towards a formulation that is much more in line with current trends in environmental responsibility and awareness, so we have focused on achieving maximum permanence without using volatile ingredients such as silicones or isododecane… Working on an optimal mix of waxes and oils that adhere to the skin and manage to keep the makeup for hours. 

To establish the periods of duration and properties of our formulas, we must “roll up our sleeves” and follow some internal tests. There are several types of tests; in some we subject the formulas to a specific test, such as the deformation of the tip or its resistance to water; and in others we evaluate different characteristics of the formula that are scored and weighted to obtain a final result with which to compare the different textures. 

The waterproof test is a simple test in which we see the behaviour of the product when it is placed in an aqueous medium. In plain words, we test during the stipulated time if it resists when in contact with water. 

On the other hand, we determine if a formulation is long-lasting by measuring some aspects that influence its durability. The parameters under examination are: 

  • Fixation: At this point we assess whether the product sets well and does not stain.
  • Duration: The acid test where it is verified how many hours the product is correctly maintained. There is no cheating in here, if we apply the product at 9:00 am, how is it at 9:00 pm?
  • Drying time: How long does it take to dry after the product is applied? The faster the drying time, the better the formula gets at this point.
  • Transfer: It is a complementary characteristic to the duration. We check if the stroke is maintained and lasts well without blurring.
  • Homogeneity: It is important to consider how uniform the application of the product is. For example, if a pencil leaves particles, it is likely to transfer or stain.
  • Elimination: We also take into account how the product is removed, if it erases well, if it leaves stains, etc. No one wants to drag dark circles for days because of an eyeliner that won't go away, right?
  • Personal assessment: Here we generally rate whether the product lasts correctly and meets the expectations of what can be expected from a long-lasting formula. 

We have different formulas among our eyeliners: softer, more precise, more pigmented... The specific characteristics of each formula make the duration of the product on the eyelid to vary. 

In addition, each person is different, and this also influences in a great manner these type of formulations which don’t contain volatile ingredients that fix them to the skin. The oiliness of the skin, or the shape of the eye crease are factors that will greatly affect the fixation of the product. 

In general, our eyeliner formulas can last an average of 6 hours. This is the case of our Smooth Twist Eyeliner, Natural Wooden Eyeliner, Soft Wooden Eyeliner or Precision Wooden Eyeliner. 

Our Intense Wooden Eyeliner formula, on the other hand, can stay in perfect conditions for 8 hours or even more. 

And our Natural Wooden Eyebrow Liner formula achieves a result of up to 12 hours fixed on the skin. 

It’s easy to make a good and lasting impression with Jovi Cosmetics pencils.